Easy Control Brightness Of Laptop, Desktop Screen

For those, who have desktop at their homes, when want to change then brightness of their computer have to deal with lots of buttons on their monitor. It is little complex and thus takes some time to understand those buttons and then apply the settings. But now I will be telling you about a small freeware with the help of which you can do that with few mouse clicks. This might also help the Laptop users as they will not have to go for pressing keyboard button when they are working comfortably with their mouse.


The link to download the setup has been mentioned at the end of the post. You will just have to download the ZIP archive and then double click the application file, it is a portable tool so it will start working from there on and then you can see then icon of that application on the taskbar. Clicking on that icon will show you the menu as mentioned in the screenshot below and then you can enable the option to auto-start, so you will not have to start it again and again whenever you turn on your computer.


As mentioned in the menu, you can also change the screensavers; clicking on the iBrightness option you will be seeing the application window as mentioned in the screenshot above in the post. With the help of the brightness bar you can change the brightness to any value and then below you will see a link named Screen Saver which will change the Screensaver of your computer and then you can also see an icon with Monitor screen that can be used to turn off your computer monitor.

So, now you will not have to go for pressing those buttons on the monitor screen to control the brightness of your computer. The size of this ZIP archive is around 500KB and after you extract you will just have to double click the application file. This tool has been tested on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition, so it will work on all the versions of Windows. Please let us know if you face any problem while using this tool.

Download iBrightness

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