Easily Share Your Computer Specifications Online With CheckMySpecs.org Desktop Tool

Many times people need to share their computer specifications, but there is no specific systematic method as normally it is a verbal communication in between you and the other person whom you are telling your computer hardware technical configuration. This way it is not as useful at all, as normally you might not know or remember about the detailed hardware configuration on your machine.

CheckMySpecs.org provides a FREE desktop based tool which automatically collect the useful hardware information about your computer and lets you upload it online with a unique URL which you can share with your friends. This tool will also give you rank to your computer based on your computer hardware specifications based on their standards

Here is how to use this tool, run this tool after downloading and installing. Note: [ Download Link To Application Is Given At The End Of The Post ]


Click the button at the bottom right of the application interface which says Collect The Data. It will not take much time to scan your computer to get the specifications. Once it has collected all the specs click the button Upload Data to upload all the specifications detected


It will automatically upload the detailed config and show up the unique URL which you can use to share your computer specifications with your friends, it will also generate a unique PC Id for your machine.


Note: This application runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is a very light app, making is extremely easy and quick to to use

Download CheckMySpecs.org Specifications Tool

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