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Facebook has probably become one of the most popular social networking sites that people across the world are mad about it. Most of people spend hours on Facebook for updating their status, commenting on others status, playing games or simply uploading pictures. Many of my Facebook buddies uploads pictures frequently and its quite hilarious that now people take snaps just to upload them on their Facebook account.

Although Facebook keep on upgrading lots of new features but still nothing much done to upload pictures easily. So today we are going to tell you about a freeware which is being recently rolled out for uploading pictures on Facebook named Easy Photo Uploader. It allows you to resize and upload pictures directly to your Facebook account either in existing albums or in new albums. 

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When you run this tool for the first time, it will give notification to download Visual C++ 2010. Anyways it will still not take much time to download Visual C++. After that with seconds this tool will get installed. Easy Photo Uploader gets integrated as a shell extension in Windows and so when you right select any picture(s) and right click on it, then you will see the new option to “Send your photo(s) to Facebook”.

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Now when you click on this option, it will ask you to select the Facebook account and then provide necessary information and permission to access the account.

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Click on Open an existing Facebook account if you have a Facebook account (which is quite obvious) or you can even create a account from link given at bottom. So when you click on open existing account, you will be directed to next step.

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Here you will need to give the account information i.e your Email and Password. You can also click on checkboxes to always keep you logged in and also to save your information with this tool. Don’t panic in giving your details as this tool is developed by Facebook itself and its not a spam. I can assure you its absolutely safe to use. Once you done all, click on Login and then you will be directed to Step 3.

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so here this tool will show all the added albums in your account. You can click on already existing account and add picture(s) in that particular album or alternatively you can create a new album and give it a desired name and then add those selected picture(s) in that album. Click on Net to start the uploading process.

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So this tool will show complete information regarding the uploading of your picture(s). You must give it a try and am sure you all will find it very handy. Eventually it will even give the short summary of the uploading pictures.

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The size of Easy Photo Uploader is 2.54 Mb and as usual it will create a desktop shortcut which can be used to access it or you can directly use it from right menu extension. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download Easy Photo Uploader


  1. FuNKeR says

    Really nice tool. Pretty handy for easy sharing of photos.

    But I got a question: Is it possible to upload some pictures via command line? i.e. EasyPhotoUploader.exe / %pathandfilename% ?

    Would be awesome, because I often create screenshots with WinSnap which does not have any built-in sharing options. But you can define programs to be started with parameters and stuff.

    This would really help me.

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