Easier, Faster File, Folder Search For Windows 7 or Later

Today I have got a search utility for you named FileSearchEX which will help you to search the files the way you used to in Windows XP. The application will provide you same ease and comfortable UI which you had earlier in Windows XP in an updated way. The tool is different from the other tools as it can work with millions of files. The application has very low system requirements and a very simple and easy search interface. The application is very portable in case you have to deploy it over the network. The application will also run in case of lock down of computer configurations. No administrative rights are required to run the software. The software will help you to search the contents of the file and network shared files.

FileSearchEX 1

This is the first window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software doesn’t require installation and will run directly from the exe file which you will get after extracting the ZIP file.  The various toolbar options available in the software are File, Edit, View and Help.

FileSearchEX 2

The left pane of the software contains three text boxes. The first text box is for the name of the file and folder that you want to search. The second textbox is for searching the contents of the file. The third textbox i.e. Look In is for the location where you have to search. There are three advanced search option which are available to you i.e. Date, Size and Advanced Options. The Date option will allow you search the files based on the modification done in the files in the last months or days. The Date option will also allow you to search the files between two dates which can be specified. The Size option will also allow you to search the files based on the size of the files which can be entered in KB’s. The Advanced Options option will give you the options like Search inside archives, Search system folders, Search hidden files and folders, Search subfolders, Case Sensitive and Do not modify search string.

FileSearchEX 3

The File menu has options like Open Containing Folder, Open, Delete, Properties and Close. When you will select an item after searching you can use the File menu option to operate on that option. Open Containing Folder will open the folder containing the file. Open option will simply open the file. Delete option will delete the files and Properties option will show you the properties of the selected item.

FileSearchEX 4

Edit menu has options like Cut, Copy, Select All and Clear Selection. The Cut and copy options are used to cut and copy an item. The select All option is used to select all the items of the list. Clear Selection is used to clear the selected items.

FileSearchEX 5

The View menu has options like Install, Settings, Details, Choose Details and Refresh.

FileSearchEX 6

This window will open when you will click on the Choose Details in the View Menu. This window will help you to choose the various columns which you want for the searched file. The columns will show you these details for the search results in the application window.

Download FileSearchEX.

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