Dynamic Changing Bing Wallpapers Theme For Windows 7

Microsoft keep releasing new bing theme for windows 7 , last time they launched bing best 3 theme for windows 7. This time Microsoft has released a RSS based bing theme in which there is no wallpapers bundled with theme package but once you install this theme, it will automatically get the wallpaper dynamically online from bing servers.


This theme basically uses RSS feed for desktop background. As soon as you click on the download button on the Microsoft`s site, a window will appear asking for subscribe to RSS feeds. You just have to click on the download attachments and wait for themes to be downloaded to your system. 


This theme will download the latest bing wallpaper and easily set them as your desktop background and keep switching them from time to time. You can also check out other windows 7 themes we have reviewed before. 

Download RSS Based Bing Theme [ For Windows 7 Only ]

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