Drop shadow outlining all the edges of your screenshot with winsnap but not possible with snagit

We have been using SnagIt for a long time now, also quite addicted to the great features it offers.

But, We miss one of the aspiring feature of dropping a shadow effect outlining all the edges of the screenshot captured.

Does it sound confusing?

See the images below to know moreā€¦


( screenshot taken with snagit )





( screenshot taken with winsnap )




Click on the both images above you will notice the difference, the second screenshot of my desktop taken with winsnap have the shadows around all the edges of the image.

We have explored the edge effect >> drop shadow effect in snagit, but it does not offer the feature of drooping shadow effect across all the four edges of the snapshot. ( as shown in the image below ).









Shadow effect can not be selected to be shown across all the edges of the final screenshot as only one Position Arrow can be selected.

But if you use winsnap you can easily drop shadow on all the four edges of the snapshot.

You just need to select option Outline under Shadow ( as shown in the image below ).




( click on the image on the left to enlarge )



We got inspired for this post, from HowToGeek which have the shadow effect on all the images around all the four edges in all their post.

We hope you found this post use full, let us know if you want share your thoughts on this.


  1. says

    Yes, it’s a nice effect.

    I will add it to the Snagit 9 wishlist blog post, you can check it out here:

    Please don’t hesitate to include anything else you can think of in the wishlist.

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