DreamScene – Enable Windows 7 Animated Video Wallpaper In Versions Of Windows

Dreamscene is nothing but enabling video running at the desktop in the background of all the fixed desktop icons, but as some of us know, Microsoft has removed dreamscene in windows 7. However we have already written some hack on how to run dreamscene in windows 7 and also wrote about a tool which lets you activate disabled dreamscene in windows 7

Today we will tell you about another utlity called Dreamscene Enabler which lets you enable DreamScene in all editions of Vista and Windows 7. Please note that you will need to run this tool with administrator rights.


This tool can be used to run dreamscene on xp, vista and windows 7. You will need to reboot the computer once the procedure for enabling dreamscene has been completed.

Download Dreamscene Enabler

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