Drag, Drop To Convert Video, Audio On Mac OS X

There are a lot of video conversion tools for Mac OS X, primarily because we like to carry around our videos, TV shows, movies, music videos and audio along with us on our MacBooks, iPods, iPhone, iPad and other portable devices. Each of these devices has their own resolutions and format supports, and requires conversion from one format to another. Its no use having a 1080p video on a screen that has a maximum resolution of 720p, since you will not be able to notice the difference. Same with audio, iPods only support stereo (2 channel) audio, and a movie with 5.1 channel audio just takes up unnecessary space on the device.

Smart Converter is a freeware app that allows you to convert video for all your devices as quickly, and as efficiently as possible. You just need to select the output device, and Smart Converter handles the rest.

In the main interface, Smart Converter displays some of the most popular devices that videos are converted for. But these are not the only devices that are supported, for more devices, you can simply click ‘Other’ and choose amongst these other devices:

An important feature of Smart Converter is that it only converts the parts of the video that require conversion. So for example if you have a video in multiple chapters with different quality settings, it will only compress/downscale the necessary chapters and will leave the rest untouched. The final output is a single file that is capable of running on the selected target device.

Smart Converter also imports the converted videos automatically to iTunes for iOS devices. This enables you to quickly sync the freshly converted media to your devices with the least amount of effort.

Overall, Smart Converter is a decent app, but I’d recommend using something more stable and polished such as Miro. During my testing, Smart Converter crashed twice, and the interface does not use native Apple design practices, and thus looks out of place.

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