Drag and Drop a Photo on Facebook Status Box to Upload

Yes, it possible now you can upload a photo on facebook with actually required to click on photo and video option and then locate the video or photo but now you can simply drag and drop a single or multiple photos on the status box to upload directly.


Facebook has recently rolled out this new feature across most of the facebook profiles and it works both on the facebook timeline and news feed page.


This new feature from facebook becomes really handy as it makes easy for users to upload photos on facebook and all the photos will be uploaded to Timeline Photos album which will be automatically created if it does not exist under your facebook photo albums. We tried uploading videos on facebook this way but it gave us the error saying please drag a photos here, so this feature right now only supports uploading video this way.

Please Note: While uploading photos this way you cannot select the photo albums where you want these photos to be uploaded which you are dragging and dropping in status box on facebook.

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