Download Yahoo Messenger For Ubuntu Linux With Webcam, Voice Chat, Photo Sharing Support

Yahoo messenger is one such IM tool which is most widely used, but for those use ubuntu linux, redhat linux or any other version of linux always miss yahoo messenger.


There are two versions of yahoo messenger available for linux build, the official version of yahoo messenger can be downloaded from here, but it lacks in major yahoo messenger features like webcam, voice chat and photo sharing etc, so it can be used to for text chatting.

One more way to install yahoo messenger is given below

1. Install libssl0.9.6 through Synaptic or type the following on the terminal

sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.6

2. Download this file from
3. In the terminal, write the following command

sudo dpkg -i /path/ymessenger_1.0.4_1_i386.deb

replacing path with the path to where you downloaded the file.

4. Run /usr/bin/ymessenger and follow instructions to setup Yahoo! Messenger.

Another version of yahoo messenger is implemented using Gyachi which is a yahoo client for linux which supports almost all the features of yahoo messenger including all mentioned above including photo sharing, voice chat, file sharing, group chat etc and lots more.

You can download Gyachi for the following versions of ubuntu from the links given below.

Ubuntu Jaunty packages:

Ubuntu Intrepid packages:

Ubuntu Hardy packages:…ntu11_i386.deb

Update: As some of the readers are facing the dependency error while trying to install yahoo messenger on linux through the way specified above, here is the another link to download independent yahoo messenger for linux environment, but I m not sure it will work properly on ubuntu.


  1. mar says

    I cant find 0.9.6 but instead libss10.9.8
    When i install the downloaded file it has a dependency error

  2. says

    how to use the yahoo messenger on ubuntu? i already tried using pidgin, but i couldnt get it.. please say me how to install the yahoo messenger in ubuntu.. thank you..

  3. Jim Van Loon says


    I am new to linux, and can not find a way to download and install ubuntu. I kow nothing about linux, ecxept that it works better than windoze, and also that it don’t get viruells’s.

    Please, tell me how to get Yahoo Messenger and a install it. I do not have a “terminal” so i dont’ know whtat that is.



  4. Gani Pratomo says

    Before i use gaim and worked but after use Ubuntu intrepid I’ve problem use pidgin. Antone can help me?

  5. kit says

    I cant find 0.9.6 but instead libss10.9.8
    When i install the downloaded file it has a dependency error

  6. says

    When i install the downloaded file it has a dependency error

    Well that doesn’t stop it downloading. But if you try to install it wont work until you have updated some things… Ubuntu prompted me to and fixed some of the errors, but not enough to get YM installed :(
    Not sure this post is much use unless someone can explain a bit more for us novices!

  7. tuadm says

    @olisb – i have just updated the article with a link to the independent yahoo messenger installer for linux environment – I would suggest you to try it and let me know if you face any problem

  8. says

    I am one of those people who are new to linux. I am not able to get the Yahoo messenger up . I tried from the synaptic and i jst cant get it. it wont work, if you know more about this situation please reply back to me. I am a confused and frustrated soul.

  9. mgcardinal says

    I’ve managed to make gayachi worked on my ubuntu 9.04. looks great. can’t wait to test my cam. thanks for the info…

    just download the .deb file (google for “gyachi_1.1.70-1~jaunty_i386.deb) and install through “GDebi Package Installer”(right click on the downloaded file) and wollah… yahoo messenger is on linux ^_^

  10. Barry says

    For what it’s worth, yesterday I booted into ubuntu 9.10 live CD and tried my new Logitech Webcam C500 using the software, “aMSN” (installed from Add/Remove menu option) and it appeared to work right out of the gate although there seemed to be a problem with the audio (which I couldn’t diagnose at the time). If all you need is ability to video chat with someone on Windows MSN Messenger, aMSN may be the way to go.

  11. phronsie prudente says

    I am also new to Linux and I know nothing .tried to ask some of my resources but I got the same response.I would like install yahoo messnger with voicechat and webcam butI really dont know how ,instead im using web messenger at the moment.Been seeking for an answer or useful tips 3 days already but still i failed,moreover i dont know what terminal is or where to find it.hoping for your help and response regarding this matter. thanks alot.

  12. Manuel Pastore says

    This can be a I love a few of the articles which were written, and especially the comments posted! I am going to definately be visiting again!

  13. Ann Alrapist says

    This post was very helpfull! Yahoo IM started working immediately after install. Yahoo IM is working on my linux better than kid’s bootys on my wang!

  14. vinux says

    sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.6
    [sudo] password for miheer:
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Couldn’t find package libssl0.9.6

    Can’t install

  15. yash says

    please go on to download ubuntu

    and get ubuntu 9.10 imege file of 690MB

    Burn your Ubuntu CD>>

    After the ISO file has finished downloading, you will have to burn the file to CD. The ISO file will usually require a special application to burn. Click the link below to find detailed instructions.

    Install Ubuntu

    When the CD is ready, simply put it in your CD drive, restart your computer and follow the instructions that will appear on your screen. Don’t forget that you can create more copies and pass the CD to as many people as you like.

    you can also install ubuntu inside the “windows”

    you can also use it without installing via CD

  16. non-Expert says

    Please if you will, just step down from your high horse for a bit and explain in simple language as obviously not everyone is a Linux-Guru. The idea is to share knowledge and whats the sense ‘trying’ to do so using languages the ‘uninformed’ do not understand??? The question has been asked already ” what is a terminal?” I think just explaining what that is for now would go a long way in helping a lot of us. Thanks.

  17. tariqmalik says

    how to use to yahoo messenger.on ubuntu. i already tried using pidgin.but i couldnt get it. please say me how to install the yahoo messenger in ubuntu.

  18. plevans says

    I am a relatively new convert from Windows to Linux and one of the first things I learned is that Linux is a whole different ballgame than Windows, in more ways than one.

    Those of us migrating from Windows are accustomed to having our hands held for us as we cross the proverbial streets of computer-land. However, in order to become successful Linux users we have to learn how to help ourselves, to search for the answers, to understand the basics (i.e. what is a terminal, how do I install software). Make this your mantra: Google is my friend, Google is my friend, Google is my friend.

    While it’s true that Linux is a community-driven OS and there is a wealth of information to be learned from Linux gurus, were they to give us the answers to basic questions (i.e. what is a terminal), we would never learn to stand on our own two feet and navigate, explore and discover the freedom that Linux offers over Windows. That is why, most times, our questions may be ignored in articles like this one. It is assumed that we already understand the basic stuff.

    Some of the places where newbie questions are usually encouraged, and lots of basic info can be found, are in forums, such as Do a Google search for your distro’s forum, go there, read the posts, perform searches with your questions (many have most likely already been addressed).

    And don’t be offended or put off if you ever receive this answer in response to a question: RTFM. (Google it for the definition.) This is an attempt by more experienced users to help us newbies learn to help ourselves.

  19. preet says

    then am starting yahoo messenger sometime messenger open b,t sometime messenger did n,t open wat is problem

  20. Sachin Verma says

    Hi Abhishek,
    I read your blog in Technix. I’m impressed with your knowledge base in IT. I’m a Multimedia Professional and recently opened my Internet cafe business in Philippines, but originally from Delhi only. I’ve set Ubuntu Linux on my comps which is great in many terms.
    But I can’t fix Yahoo Messenger with webcam and voice chat.
    I did a lot of research on the net to install it, I used even Wine application but its no good.
    Finally I landed on Technix and I think you are my last hope to take on this challenge.
    Can you guide me step by step to install Yahoo Messenger with webcam and voice chat features on my latest Ubuntu 10.04 version.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sachin Verma

  21. Sachin says

    Guys!! Yahoo Messenger so far DO NOT WORK WITH UBUNTU LINUX. I’ve searched everywhere. Even the Wine application is crap, as it makes the programs run slowly. Your only hope is to try web version of yahoo messenger. Type in you address bar. It work pretty good but no support for Voice and Webcam yet. Good for text messages only.
    I wish the Linux Community take not of it and so something about it.

  22. Shyam says

    I think the one available ymessenger.deb for is older one and new release is not available or stopped writing since UBUNTU is becoming famous for desktop and major people are using the latest ubuntu..So there is no point in doing the above steps since as some one already said that dependancy issue.

    wait and watch for new deb release of ymessenger…

  23. kim says

    i am using ubunto 9.10 is there a program that i can use yahoo messanger and get into the chat rooms

  24. victor says

    click help in contact list/contents/start an audio conversation/Audio and video support one will find the answer for many of the above
    audio with yahoo is clearly not supported by ubuntu.

  25. siva krishna says

    Hi bhargavi this is siva krishna i am using linux u have pidgin in built in Ubuntu okay for u its not needed to download it u can configure in for yahoo gmail MSN exc once u register i will directly login to messengers once u open it. But the file transfer Video Audio will not work u can just chat as we use to do it in earlier versions on yahoo messenger in windows hope u will try once again

  26. Cristi says

    Install WINE, then download TRILLIAN (I have v5) from . Install TRILLIAN under Wine and use it. Audio is not works but works fine chats, transfer, MSN live. It has some bugs in preferences but… it work. I thing is the best yahoo chat protocol for Ubuntu. I’m using Ubuntu 10.10

  27. Gush says

    I want to use Ubuntu Linux With yahoo messenger; Webcam, Voice Chat, Photo Sharing but it’s difficult for to install. so, can u send to my e-mail?

  28. krzystoff says

    text chat is fine if you’re doing covert stuff at work, or in a meeting, or those who still think Gopher is a bleeding edge web browser;
    however for computer users living in the 21st century, anything less than full support for audio + video chat is a sadistic joke.

    using Windows software under WINE is painful to install with all the dependencies issues, and even then won’t properly address the required hardware to function.

    it seems Pidgin is the de facto chat program in Linux but with no contemporary features and development has stalled.

    where are all the slick Linux equivalents to Skype, Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk ??

  29. EN says

    Its making crazy everyone. I also tried to install yahoo messenger with voice and video but could not success. I got really tired. Now I don’t have any more hope to overcome this problem. Moreover, I have tried Pidgin, GYachE, wine …. non of them works for voice and video…!!!!

  30. anwar says

    Dear Sir,
    Many thanks for your free programm. With my best wishes
    Anwar Radwan – Egypt

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