Download Windows Live Essentials 2011 Final Version Now

Windows Live Essentials 2011 final version has been made available for download just now, it has been released in 48 languages over the next few hours, so if your language is not yet available, due to great user response and usage of live essentials all over the globe. it will be soon will come preinstalled with windows machines, Dell will be the first global PC manufacturer to ship PCs with Windows Live Essentials 2011 and Windows 7 pre-installed.

For all those who were running the beta version of Windows Live Essentials 2011 can now update. In today’s release, we’ve addressed 95% of all bugs reported by beta users, leading to improvements that you’ll see across the suite.


Windows Live Essentials 2011 was designed from the ground up for Windows 7. You can pin your applications to the taskbar and use jump lists to quickly get to common tasks.

The ribbon brings common tasks to the front, letting you filter photos, change your font, or publish to your favorite services in a single click.

In order to update to windows live writer you can download the web installer, which will automatically update the live essentials once you run it on your computer. Windows Live Essentials 2011 will have following products integrated

1. Windows Messenger

2. Photo Gallery

3. Windows Movie Maker
4. Live Mail
5. Windows Live Writer
6. Family Safety
7. Windows Live Mesh
8. Messenger Companion
9. Bing Bar
10. Outlook Connector Pack
11. Microsoft Silverlight


As shown in the image above, you will have the option to install all the live essentials tools or you can select in between different programs you want to install.

Download Windows Live Essentials 2011 Web Installer

Download Windows Live Essentials Full Setup Installer [ approx. 156 MB ]

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