Download Windows 7 Themes for Vista

Windows 7 has been on boom just after when PDC attendees were given FREE Windows 7 beta build which was then leaked through torrents and rapidshare.

Previously we posted about how can you convert vista taskbar to windows seven style taskbar, Today we have come up with some themes you would love to try out. All these themes are inspired from windows 7 cool new look and feel.

Here we go…

1. Windows 7 Inspirat Theme (Vista)- This theme called Windows 7 Inspirat VS containing two shell styles, one bottom and one sideways


Download Windows 7 Inspirat Theme

2. Windows 7 M1 Original Theme(Vista)


Download Windows 7 M1 Original Theme

3. Windows 7 For Vista


Download Windows 7 for Vista

4. Blue Variant of Windows 7 for Vista


Download Blue Variant of Windows 7 for Vista

5. Windows Seven M1 VS Theme


Download Windows Seven M1 VS Theme

PS: All the credits goes to the respective designers of these themes, If you want to know how can you set these themes on windows vista see our previous post on How to apply custom themes in windows vista

[ Thanks VG ] | [ Thanks Nirmal ]


  1. HMMM says

    emm… i got a question wen i install and everything can i undo all my changes like put my laptop back to vista ( normal ) system?

  2. Dom says

    If I do the whole change the number to show only icons, will I be able to get back the regular words?

  3. Athar says

    There is an issue, with Windows 7 theme for Vista. The Toolbar maintains the color of the desktop. Which looks odd when other windows are open in maximised mode.

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