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November 9, 200843 Comments

These days we had been posting a lot more stuff related to windows 7 like free windows 7 transformation pack, windows 7 tricks and hacks and download windows 7 themes

Today we have come up with Windows 7 circle dock bar for you, which looks exactly like circle doc bar of windows 7


You can further customize it further to according to your own preference.

Let’s see how can further customize the look and feel of windows 7 circle dock bar

You can customize the look and feel to make it look like these examples shown below or make your own style upload it somewhere and add a comment at the end of this post with the link.




You can play with options of by right clicking of the circle dock bar and select settings


This will open up the windows 7 circle dock configuration window


Features of Windows 7 dock bar are:

  • Drag and Drop your shortcuts, files and folder to add it to the taskbar
  • You can rotate the dock items with the mouse wheel or arrow keys
  • Change the image show for the icon and change the skins
  • Dock appears on the mouse location by pressing F1 key
  • Reorder the dock items on the dock bar by drag and drop
  • You can add more and any icon of your choice
  • It offers a cool icon replacement mode
  • Works in all Windows Vista and Windows XP
  • Also work with multiple monitors
  • Launch programs from a circular dock
  • It can run from USB drives
  • Includes support for French, English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Indonesian, Serbian, Croatian, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Danish

Windows 7 circle dock bar does not require installation but require .net framework 2.0 to be installed to run.

Download Windows 7 Circle Dock Bar

PS: Please note that this circle dock bar is a concept which might be included in windows 7 beta release but you can add it to windows 7 explicitly by userself.

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  1. Imran Hussain says:

    Windows 7 Circle Dock?? Way to go for misleading people! this has nothing what so ever to do with Windows 7!!! Are you crazy or something?

  2. abhishek says:

    @Imran Hussain – Well, I call it windows 7 circle dock as it looks similar to the dock bar of windows 7, but I really have no idea why you are angry ?

  3. abhishek says:

    @Imran Hussain – I would also suggest lets other people also decide whether it is circle dock of windows 7 or not

  4. Davin Peterson says:

    Their is a circle dock for the Google Desktop Sidebar.

  5. gMoney says:

    While I’m still a mac user/fan – I’ve got to admit, the news and features we’re seeing in Win7 is impressive.

  6. asha says:

    its really goood

  7. rishav says:

    how to use this one

  8. Mmcluke says:

    I´ve downloaded but now didn´t find out how to make it work´. Can anyone help me?

  9. Silver says:

    didn’t work for me. error something config. i dont know.

  10. ed says:

    works great on my vista. very handy tool. put .exe file in autostart map of windows and it will run automaticly with start up. downlaod from creators site: if need help pm me

  11. ed says:

    ikwaser at

  12. win7 says:

    Works fine in windows 7 build 7000, but er.. there is no circle dock included with windows 7…

  13. Dan says:

    I just downloaded windows 7 and can confirm there is no circle dock like this. It’s still a taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

  14. rsvr85 says:

    I second that Dan, I’ve been testing W7 for a week now and a circle dock is no where to be seen. Why people keep saying that there is, is a joke!

  15. dain royal says:

    lol……… i hav windows 7 it does not have any circle dock so don fool

  16. jhon conner says:

    i m very happy to download beta with circle doc…………..

  17. manzoor says:

    i liked it .

  18. erich says:

    very decent website “exelent”

  19. lq says:

    hard to find

  20. Ubuntero says:

    It is a task bar or not, it good or not, I do not see my icons in the Windows 7 menu and I do not like it!!!!!!! How do I get it installed or get my icons back. URGENT !!!

  21. Gnu Group - ILG says:

    awesome thnx :)

  22. menikfire says:

    why is that that everytime i open a doc, page or anything at all this circle doc always stays on top??? how can i make it stay at the bottom??

  23. Harpreet Singh says:

    Ijust downloaded Circle Dock but could not use it on Windows Vista Home Basic.

  24. e-thinker says:

    nice stuff,plzzz kip the spirit of networking, add more tips and tricks, software. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. Ali Hadi says:

    Well Those who say that its not included in the Win 7. I might remind you all that writer wrote in his article PS: Please note that this circle dock bar is a concept which might be included in windows 7 beta release but you can add it to windows 7 explicitly by userself. So its not necessary that it must be included in your windows installation pack

  26. rj says:

    can i ask how to save the settings and autostart window7 circle dock?? please help… its no longer working and disappears as i restart my laptop

  27. Shubham says:

    Abhishek sir ,you are the best thanks!

  28. cracker says:

    Thank You! For Windows 7 circle dock bar!!! I like this

  29. gozet says:

    this site is very nice

  30. sgtevmckay says:

    This blatant theft of Circle Dock By Eric Wong. It is unfortunate that folks payed any creed or donations at all. Even DevArt Pulled it down for violation…although open source.

  31. anthony says:

    ahhh . . . I am going to have nightmares about this dock . . . . lol

  32. rahul says:

    i am very happy thank you////

  33. Kable says:

    Don’t be fooled, I have installed this dock on Windows XP and Vista Long before Windows 7′s conception…to say it’s a part of windows 7 is obviously a marketing ploy. Cool desktop toy at best…with a good degree of functionality.

  34. Tom says:

    How do you stop the dock from staying on top of all programs and windows open ? i realy like the dock but can not use it unless it stays on the desktop. please help me Thanks

  35. prem says:

    the path provided here is deviating me from downloading, its confusing

  36. himank says:

    thanks good dock as well as very useful

  37. isaninside says:

    thanks.. very useful

  38. HelpMe says:

    hey how can i make circle dock stay behind everything i want it ro stay on the desktop with out it going on top of stuff please help me

  39. spash says:

    its a very god and nice working dock……must try itt

  40. Ankit Raj says:

    How do i start windows seven dock in windows xp??????????

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