Download UltraSurf Full Setup for Anonymous Browsing

November 28, 200838 Comments

Ultrasurf is free proxy software which allows you to surf anonymously and break internet censorship to visit any public web site irrespective of any blocking firewall or software.

Ultrasurf is one such amazing tools for anonymous browsing which you can easily use with the browsers like IE, Firefox.


Ultra surf is compatible with widows XP and vista also, Ultrasurf has been there for about 6 years with daily hits over 300 million and daily traffic of over 5000 GB.

UltraSurf provides the following great features:


Protect Internet Privacy by providing anonymous surfing and also hides the IP address and locations, clean the browser history, cookies and other temp files.



UltraSurf provides completely transparent data transfer in between the client and server on the web with high level of encryption of data getting exchanged, so you don’t need to worry about your username and password getting transferred.


UltraSurf allows you to overcome the censorship and blockage on the internet, so that you can access the free world with full freedom without any restriction.

We have already received so many comments from the readers on our previous post Access Blocked Websites With Ultrasurf  that they are not able to download UltraSurf. so I have uploaded UltraSurf latest version on rapidshare and our own server also.

Download UltraSurf  [ From This Link ] if you cannot access this website, download the tool on some other computer where ultrasurf is not blocked.

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  1. faris says:


  2. leofelix says:

    Be aware, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 detect this software as Trojan.Agent

  3. Rei says:

    free anonymous browsing? awesome. thanks.

  4. favour says:

    ple tell me who to download this software

  5. sidharth says:

    in my college they are using a proxy server for the internet connection in our hostels and rapidshare is blocked thou i can access it thru some proxy websites found in internet but they hav kept download limit of 50mb sope am missing my download life can u help me with this problem i’ve tried ultra surf which u have suggeted and this software is not wrking itz sayin coneection to server failed evn tou i tried gin some manual proxy settings itz changing the proxy settings of my internet explorer evry time i run dis application wch i cant even access to internet can u help me with dis problem

  6. khalil says:

    plz can you email me this “ultra surf”‘s installer file, i really need your help and i await your reply my email id

  7. alpex says:

    oissst your ultra surf zip folder has been corrupted.. kindly post a new one plsss…..

  8. esam says:

    i caouldnt download ultrasurf,,plz,,send me how to get it,,thanx,,,

  9. isaac says:

    please i need the latest verion of ultra surf browser.

  10. kay says:

    i’ve download this ultrasurf.. but i didn’t know how to use it.. when i run the u.exe, its display “theres no application install for this file type”. im using mac OS..

  11. Evans says:

    I use a phone modem and my network seems to have blocked the port, what should I do. I cant access the internet anymore.

  12. Milan says:

    Hi, as i wrote mi name is Milan, i am from Serbia and since admin from company where i am working make restriction to many sites especially to Rapidshare i used Ultrasurf few times to baypass downloading from office but there is a problem with downloading from Rapidshare.I must few times to start with downloading because there is always a notification downloadin stopped.Sometimes download 10% of a file , sometimes 20%,35%,95% of a file but never whole file at once,Why is that? And when i am downloading from my office over Ultrasurf from Rapidshare can administrator see that i am downloading,what i am downloading and from where i am downloading. Best Regards from Serbia

  13. ganesan says:

    plz can you email me this “ultra surf”’s installer file, i really need your help and i await your reply

  14. ganesan says:

    plz can you email me this “ultra surf”’s installer file, i really need your help and i await your reply

  15. BROWN says:


  16. Mario Micallef says:

    Please can you send via email. Thanks

  17. saeed alizadeh says:

    hi . Im from iran . my name is saeed . this proxy is very good . tanQ

  18. SP Bohra says:

    Plz send ultrasurf setup file or download file of ultrasurf.

  19. kanuni says:

    thank you

  20. Arshad says:

    can u tel me if ultrasurf is available for mac ??

  21. john says:

    Plez send ultrasurf setup file or download file of ultrasurf..very interesting..tqvm..

  22. sayied anwer DON says: guys, wright now i dont have to access for downloading ultrasurf, please from u any one help me out yar, i need ultrasurf, please mail me on above email id yar. this is the best cheting brouser in the world, i agree with that please send as soon as possible regards sayied anwer HAKKER

  23. Just says:

    the ultra surf cannot connect now to my server. please help. please send me new version on my email.

  24. kago tabyo says:

    please send latest version of ultrasurf

  25. premnidhi premi says:

    thanku for providing ultra surf

  26. Blog4Boys says:

    we all use it in our office.. no one can track it

  27. Drag0n says:

    I tried so many days at my office. Works fine. Now this software is also disabled by the IT Engineers department. Please can you provide any other surf place which helps to surf when we want while blocking

  28. anito says:

    hai friends

  29. Hitesh says:

    the ultra surf cannot connect now to my server. please help. please send me new version on my email. i already send you to some error, so please do the needful asap. thank & regrads,

  30. rajesh says:

    can open orkut if it is banned by college site also?

  31. vikram says:

    plz ultersurf setup file plz friends

  32. dude says:

    pinches pendejos esta madre tiene virus porke mejor no se virulena a su madre y ns dejan de kontaminar

  33. bhasker says:

    hi i am bhasker from india i am working in a office in dat forti guard firewall is using. is it possible to use ultrasurf with knowing by system administrator? mail me the solution please

  34. lazy clever fox says:

    hi,how can i run facebook in Bangladesh though it blocks……?????????????????????????plz help me……………..

  35. shobidha says:

    i installed but it displays failed to connect instead successfully coneected how to solve it

  36. bung says:

    could please send latest utrasurf at ….thanks…

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