Download TV Shows on Mac OS X

showRSS is a great RSS based service that allows you to subscribe to the latest updates to any TV show over the world. As soon as a new episode is aired, it shows up on various torrent sites. Now you never have to worry about missing another episode, or visiting sites frequently for updates.

Once you sign up for showRSS (only username and password required, no email required), you can select all your favorite TV shows at the showRSS website. For each TV show, you can get an RSS feed, which is automatically updated as soon as a new episode of that show is released.

Alternatively, you can add multiple shows to the ‘your shows’ list, and get a combined RSS feed for all of your shows.

Catch is a Mac OS X free and open source app that runs in the menubar as an icon, and will automatically download any new torrent files in your showRSS feed to a folder you can choose, and optionally open them in your favorite BitTorrent client.

All you have to do to setup Catch, is to launch it, right click on the status bar icon, and go to Preferences. In the Preferences dialog, you can add the combined RSS feed URL from your showRSS account, or the feed URL for a single show, depending on your choice. You can also set the default folder where the downloaded torrents will be saved, and also an option to determine if you want to open the torrents as soon as they’re downloaded.

The ‘Tweaks’ Pane of the Preferences also has an important option of generating a Growl notification each time a new torrent is downloaded.

Though Catch is extremely lightweight on both CPU as well as memory, but the constant updating of RSS feeds can be a bandwidth hog (this depends on the size of the feed). To deal with this, you can limit the time when the feed is checked. For example, you can set the time to a night time, when you are asleep and not at your desk.

Catch also has an option to view the last few downloaded torrents directly from the drop-down menu from the status bar icon. This is a neat feature that comes in handy when you want to check which new episodes are available for you to view.

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