3 Ways To Download TED Video Presentations To Your PC or Mac

TEDx has been presenting some renowned speakers from all over the world. You get to know about the new ideas, thoughts and many interesting things. You might have attended few conferences or presentations also. And at times, there is a situation that the theme is based upon your interest but you are unable to hear the speakers. So, you have to view the videos on TED.com. But for many listeners, this might also be not a good option. They prefer to download the videos and watch them as per their convenience and time availability. So, the tool TEDinator will help you to do so.

TEDinator is a very small freeware of 679 KB only. It is a portable tool and needs .net framework to operate. It has been designed to download the latest videos from the website TED.com. The user interface has been displayed in the snapshot below.


The freeware is really very easy to use. As soon as you open the software, it will be refresh the links and display all the new available videos for downloading. It displays the Video Title (Speaker and the topic), Event Name where it was presented Date (month and year only) and duration of the video.Check the videos you want to download and click on Start Download at top left corner. It downloads the videos at a fast speed. The downloading status will be displayed at the bottom. You select all the videos before starting the download. As once started you cannot make the changes. For that either you have to cancel the download or skip of any unwanted video is selected.

There are few other options available. You can search any particular video if you are looking for. You can Download all the videos in on go. There is also the option to download the subtitles. The download link can be exported in three formats: text, html or xml.  You can also change few settings as shown in the snapshot below. Select the location to save the video. Mention the video quality and proxy address if you want. There are a long list of languages in which you can download the subtitles.


As generally happens there are few drawbacks in this software as well:

  1. It displays the latest available videos only. There is no option to display the links in another format. You have to search for other videos.
  2. It can download only the videos which are available for direct download. For example the videos shared on website via youtube cannot be downloaded ad they are not available for downloading from website as well. So, you have to download them from youtube only.

The are other options also to download the videos. You can direct download them from the website TED.com. The process is very simple. Open the video and you will see the download link below it as shown in the snapshot below. Click on the button and select the required options. Right click on the video and save it.


But this option is good only if you have to download one or two videos. Else it seems to be a tedious task. Because you have to open, select the options and save the video. Another freeware to download the video is TED Grabber which we have already presented to you earlier. You can also use TEDCatcher [via sourceforge] for the purpose. We will keep updating you about the new softwares available to download the videos with more options and comfort.

The freeware has been tested on Windows 7 and will be compatible with the other versions also. The designer has been providing the latest versions with some good features. So, other interesting features can be expected.

Download TEDinator

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