Download TED Videos, Presentations From TED Website

TED Presentation videos are really very inspiring and useful as per my experince but in order to watch them you need to visit the ted website, watch them online only as they don’t allow to download the video. But now with a freeware utlity you can download and save the video on your computer and play them later in any media player installed on your computer.

TED Grabber is a handy, easy to use tool designed to help you download videos and other presentation videos, it will grab all links from website. This application is portable in nature so you can run it directly through its executable and then you will need to select the option under file menu to update the links as shown in the image below.


After the application has updated all the links you can export these links in in text file and then put these links for downloading separately with a download manager, you can export all links or the new links only.


It will export all the links in the same folder where the program executable is placed, each link will be in separate new so that you can copy them to your download manager. If you don’t have any download manager installed on your computer then we would suggest internet download manager to download these videos and presentation.

Download TED Grabber


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