Download Seesmic Portable For Windows Full Setup – Without Clicking The Link In The Confirmation Email

Seesmic has been just released for windows, this time it is based on Microsoft silverlight rather than on adobe air, In terms of the first look and features it looks and behaves like the most popular windows based desktop client for twitter called Tweetdeck


But in order to download seesmic for windows you will need to enter you email in the seesmic site and then a confirmation link will be mailed and then you can download seesmic for windows from the link you get on mail.

Now another more annoying fact is that you will get the web installer only which will be again download and extract seesmic for windows, which means on every pc you want to install seesmic you will need to download all the files required to run seesmic from internet again and again. This was quite painful task for me as I have three computers my macbook running windows 7, a windows laptop and a windows desktop.

So, I thought of making a portable seesmic by collecting all the files which seesmic have downloaded on my windows 7 macbook pro and finally after some time I succeeded.

Here is how you can make your own portable seesmic for windows which you can use on any computer without installing, but make sure you have silverlight installed as it is based on Microsoft Silverlight

First you need to download and run seesmic on your windows machine with the web installer, after running seesmic follow the procedure below

1. Download and Run Process Explorer

2. After running process explorer, locate the process named SWin.exe, right click and select properties 


3. Copy the path to the seesmic executable [ SWin.exe ]


For example in my case the path was


Open this folder by copy pasting the path in run prompt and press ok


Create a folder on desktop called seesmic portable and copy all the files inside the folder path you opened inside the new seesmic portable folder on the desktop


In order to run seesmic for windows, double click SWin.exe in the seesmic files you copied in the seesmic portable folder, this is how I run seesmic on the other machines in my home office with installing seesmic for windows

Carry seesmic for windows portable any where you want on your portable drive and run it directly from the folder but make sure that Microsoft silverlight is installed on your computer. Now for all those who would like to download portable seesmic directly without doing all the useless things mentioned above, download link to the portable seesmic I made is given below.

Download Seesmic Portable


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