Download, Save Multiple Photos, Images From Any Flickr User Profile In Bulk To Your Computer

Photos are a means of expressing all sorts of expressions one needs to or wishes to express to their family or friends and  even to people who are less familiar to them and this trend of sharing photos by means of numerous websites, isn’t bad since it does not cost even a single penny.

One just needs to click some new photos and upload them on the website which he or she uses frequently to communicate with others and out of all the most popular website to do this is Flickr which most of us have used for countless times to get photos of our intended subjects.

But don’t you think its tiresome to download pictures one by one even when we wish to download several at the same time? Yes it certainly is and its been a trouble for all users to download several pictures at the same time but now we have come up with a new small utility which lets you download as many pictures from as you want from Flickr.

The utility hardly uses any space and installs fast and is really helpful in surfing through all the pictures available on this website.

Procedure To Download Photos Through Bulkr

  • Go to website of Bulkr where you would come across a small window on the right side offering you to install the software along with Adobe Air which is a requirement.

Bulkr Download Website

  • Next after installing start the software and reach the first screen asking you whether you wish to access your personal account or continue general search on Flickr.


  • After this one can search whatever pictures one is interested in searching and can select as many pictures one he/she wants to download simultaneously. For example i am searching Audi R8 pictures on Flickr.

Bulkr Search

  • After selecting all the pictures just click the Download button on the bottom center of the screen which will further ask you to select the desired size for the pictures out of the 6 sizes available and click ok, which will start the download.

Bulkr Download Pictures

Unique Features Of Bulkr

  • You can Backup your entire Flickr photostream
  • Download pictures in any way whether one by one or all at the same time
  • Download photos in six different sizes available from small to large
  • Add title, tags etc to photo EXIF
  • Download metadata to a separate file
  • Image Preview facility before download
  • Resume download if connection breaks
  • Download upto 500 photos in batches from:
    • Flickr search
    • Your photostream
    • Your favorites
    • Any Flickr group
    • Explored photos
    • Any user’s photostream

Download Bulkr (Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux)

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