Download, Install Already Purchased Apps From Apple Apps Store Without Paying Again On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

There are times when you may reset your ipad, iphone or ipod touch and some how you forgot to transfer the apps you have downloaded on your apple device to itunes and after you restore your device those apps which were not transferred gone missing on your apple devices.

But after a long time apple has addressed this issue by introducing a new section called purchased on the native apple store app on iphone, ipad and ipod touch, you will see this action only when you update to your devices to apple ios 4.3.3 or higher.

Below is a step by step procedure, on how to install these apps which you have purchased again on your apple devices without paying for them again.

Install Previously Purchased Apps Again For Free

Please note: To explain this we did this tutorial on ipad, same can be done on iphone, ipod touch as well.

1. Open app store app on your apple device, and tap to go to purchased section, make sure you are signed in with your apple account.


2. Now tap the option on the top which says not on this ipad so that it lists all those apps which you purchased already both free and paid apps as shown in the image below, in order to download them tap the cloud symbol on each app listing to download and install them again for free.


We have also created a small video demo embedded below to explain the entire process, you can watch the video to get a clear idea on how does this process work.

[ Video Coming Soon ]

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