Download Google Sitemap Generator Application For Windows

Google Sitemap Generator allows you to generate a sitemap of any website, which you can submit in google webmasters so see more detailed information about the crawling status, and you will also get to know about what major keywords which are driving traffic to your website and lot more other important info.


Program interface is quite simple, you just need to specify the homepage url or base url of the website, and specify the number of pages to crawl and specify the site content updating frequency and click the button CREATE SITEMAP

Note: It can crawl as many web pages as you want, up to 10,000

Download Google Sitemap Generator


  1. Brian says

    I have downloaded the app (twice) and installed it on Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, and each time I get an error:

    Can’t load image from file
    ‘C:/backup2/sitemap2/buttons/createsitemap.gif': file does not exist.

    Do you have a solution or possibly a website or email of the designer?

  2. Innovative Creations Software says

    > Program generates an error looking for buttons within the program..

    This bug has been fixed.

    I’ve already contacted softpedia, so I will wait for them to update the file on their server.

    you can also download the file from the main page here:

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