Download Google Maps On PC With GMapCatcher

There could a situation when you want to save the location map of a place you are going to, just for your own references so that you can later locate the roads and streets going to right directions by opening the google map downloaded for that area. 

GMapCatcher is a free program which can help you download google maps and then view them offline, It downloads CloudMade, OpenStreetMap or Google Map tiles automatically, display them using a specific GUI. It doesn’t depend on google-map’s java scripts so it should work even if google changes them.


In order to download maps for a particular area of the world, search the location first and then zoom it to the right level so that things you want to see visible like roads, streets etc and then click Download map button to start downloading the maps offline for that area.

Before starting the downloading, you can also specify the latitude, longitude, width and height of that area in km and then click the download button, these options will help you get the specific map portion you require to see offline.  


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