Download Free High Resolution Wallpapers From Bing Search

You may have tried to search and download wallpapers from google and other search engines, but many times you may get a beautiful wallpaper but when you check the dimensions you found that wallpaper is not same as per your current monitor screen display resolution. So, if you apply it may stretch and may not look good specially when it is small in terms of dimensions

Now, you can solve this problem by downloading wallpapers of the same resolution as per your monitor screen display resolution using bing search for the same.

Note: If your are working with dual monitor setup, you should keep your browser window opened on the monitor, for which you would like to download wallpapers as the bing search will automatically detect the resolution of the monitor on which the browser window is opened. If you have a single monitor you don’t need to worry about this thing.

Follow the procedure to below

1. Go to Bing Image Search here

2. Now search for images with a keyword like tech wallpapers as shown in the snapshot below.


3. It will show you all the pictures which are related to tech, now click Wallpaper in the left sidebar under Size to show only the wallpapers related to tech as per your current screen resolution. [ as shown in the screenshot below ]


Once you click wallpaper under the left side menu option in bing search it will show you only those wallpapers which have same dimensions as per your current screen resolution.

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