Download Email Attachments Without Opening Your Mailbox – Works For Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail Etc

Today I have got an application named Mail Attachment Downloader from GearMage. The application will help you to download the attachments from the email. The application will save you the time to login into your email account open the email and download attachment. Instead of that the application will automatically download the attachment at any desired location that you want in your computer automatically without doing all these steps. You just have to provide your login credentials to the tool and it will do the rest.

The application while downloading the attachments from your emails will leave all your emails as unread on the server and will not mark them as read. The application is independent of any other program that you are using for the same purpose. The application uses standard IMAP or POP3 protocols to communicate with your email server. The application has various filter and scheduling option available to download your extension. The application is compatible to work with GMail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail. The application will stay in your system when it is minimized all the time monitoring your email all the time and download attachments based on the schedule that you have set for the software.

MailAttachmentDownloaderInstall 1

This is the first screen which will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The application has two text boxes Email and Password to enter the email and password of email id from which you want to download the extensions. There is a Save Password check box which can be checked if you want that the application should store your password. There is a Save Location text box to specify the location where you want to download the attachments. When you will click on the Connect and Download the downloading of the attachments will start.

MailAttachmentDownloaderInstall 2

The Folder and files tab has options like Folders to Search, Filename Option, Prepend Subject and Prepend Date. You can set the Folders to search as Inbox or any other folder that you can select. You also have an option to create a separate folder for attachments from different people.

MailAttachmentDownloaderInstall 3

The Basic Filters tab will give you the option to filter the attachments n the basis of Movie, Pictures, Music, Documents or any other type that you define by yourself. You can also filter the attachmets on the basis of size.

MailAttachmentDownloaderInstall 4

The Advanced Filters option will give you the option to download the attachments between the various dates. This section will also give you the option to download the attachment that has a particular name in From field, To field, CC or BCC field, Subject field and Body field.

MailAttachmentDownloaderInstall 5

The Mail Server options to select from the various mail servers.

MailAttachmentDownloaderInstall 6

The General Options tab has options for a Scheduled download, run application at startup, show notifications on every file download, timeout interval and use multiple connections.

Download Mail Attachment Downloader from GearMage.

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