Easy Way To Capture Your Computer Screen

Many a times we need the snapshots on our screen like when we want to share some thing from our screen or when we want to show the exact error which popped up while using a tool on the system. So, today i will be reviewing a very nice and a handy tool which will take care of all the screenshots and snapshots which should be taken by you for small problems and the name of this freeware is DuckLink Screen Capture.

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Many of us, who usually work on lots and lots of work related to snapshot prefer to go for SnagIt or WinSnap, but these are little bit heavy tools and they contain lots of options which are to be used when a particular type of screenshot is required. But this tool is very simple as it contains only 4 options for taking a snapshot.

When you will start installing the tool, then it will take some time as per the minimum system requirements because it will download the missing components. After the installation is complete, you will see a small application Window as shown in the snapshot below. You can see the 4 options enumerated in it which are mentioned as follows:

1. Region: This will help you to capture of the any region on the Screen, a sample has been shown in the snapshot.


2. Window: Now this option will help you to capture the Windows available on the screen, a sample of this one can be seen below.


3. Scrolling: This option is very useful, when ever we want to take the snapshot of a full webpage or if you you want to capture a whole letter, then you generally have to break the snapshot into parts but with the help of this option, you will be able to capture the whole page, as while taking the snapshot it will scroll down the page and then capture it.
You can adjust the time gap between the scroll down with the help of advanced settings option of the tool. You can also change the output format of the screenshot captured.

4. Full Screen: This option will help you to take the snapshot of the whole screen.


The size of this tool is around 4 Mb and it will not much time to get installed. Before installing it make sure that you have latest version or version 4.0 of Microsoft .Net Framework installed on it. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition.

Download DuckLink Screen Capture

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