[Tip] Download Word and Excel Documents From Google Docs In Old Office 2003 Format

As some of us know that starting Oct 1st 2012, google has stopped exporting or downloading of documents in old office 97-2003 format, although for most of us who have already upgraded to office 2007, 2010 or higher but those few people who still use office 2003 don’t like these changes happened in google docs.  Now users can no longer create a document in google docs and then download the same in old .doc format and same applies to excel.

Apart from this I have seen users using google docs as nice conversion tool to save some .docx file to .doc and .xlsx file to .xls file by using download option, after the new changes being rolled out on google docs, you can only save a word document as .docx file only, it does not support the old .doc office 2003 format.

Cannot Download In .doc Format

Yes, its true that google docs now does not allow you to download the office docs in old format, but there is simple trick you can apply with which you can still download the files including word and excel but not presentation documents in old office 2003 format.

Download Word and Excel Files From Google Docs in Old Office 97-2003 Format

In order to this, you will need to share the file as attachment via email

Google Docs Via Email

to your email id

Send Google Docs As Email Attachment

Once the email is received  with the word or excel doc attachment, you will see that the documents has been added to the email as attachment in old office 2003 format.

Download Google Docs In Old Office 2003 Format

As you can see in the image above, if you share a google document via email, the receiver gets it in email as old office 2003 .doc format and same applies to excel file as well but because of some reason it does not work for google docs presentations.

download excel in old format

Video Demo Of This Tip To Download Docs in 97-2003 Format From Google Docs


This way you can download the docs from google docs in old office 2003 format, again this trick works right now but not sure how long its going to work as google might disable this in future.

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