Download Bing For Mobile App For Android Released

Bing app for android has been released, You can now download the free Bing App from your Verizon Wireless Android phones’ Marketplace. You can Try the image search feature that has endless scrolling results [Tip: this also works for any search result].  Then easily swipe through image previews and click straight through to the image host site.


When looking for “Instant answers” which give you quick and relevant answers for things like movies, stock quotes, flight status and local listings. Just say “movies,” for a quick result of movie listings, theaters and show times nearby, or say the flight information you are looking for, we will show you the departure, arrival, and other relevant information such as traffic, weather, news, and hotels details.


The Android app also has a pretty smooth mapping feature. First, Bing will automatically find your current location. You can then easily discover new places by category such as restaurants, banks, theaters and you can choose whether you want walking or driving directions. Swipe through each step of your directions, and check out how fast the map pans and zooms.  For times when you only have one hand free and can’t pinch, there is the handy zoom-out button.


There are a bunch of other features we’d love to tell you about, like local listing reviews, ratings and news.  But rather than drone on about them, just download the app from your Android’s Marketplace.

[ Via Bing Community ]

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