Download All Mails From Gmail To Your Computer

Generally we use Microsoft Outlook to keep the backup of our mails but to many of us it may seem complex so, we avoid to use them and we also know that Gmail is one of the mostly used mail services in the world as it is so simple and prompt. Today we will be reviewing a very simple tool which can help you to take care of all the mail available at Gmail without any confusing options and the name of this tool is Gmail Backup.

As the name tells you that this tool has been developed keeping in mind only about the mails from your Gmail account.This tool is very simple and everything can done from a single application window which has been shown below. I am sure that after using it, specially all the Gmail users, will prefer to go for this tool rather than Outlook.

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In the very first field you can see that you will be entering the e-mail address in that field and then this tool will ask you to enter your password. I think that you need not to worry as both of them will be confidential between you and your tool. Then in the next field you will be asked to select the folder where all the mails will be stored. Now this location varies from user to user as the larger is the number of mails, the more space it will acquire. The tool will not leave any single mail, it will start from the inbox and then it will continue till chats, sent items and other mails, but it will not backup the spam mail as they are ignored by this tool. As soon as you click that backup button in the bottom of the application window, you will see that all the fields will be locked and then you can see a log where each mail which is being transferred can be seen.

With every information of the mail you can see the percent of transfer which has been complete. The size of this tool is around 5 Mbs and it will take no time to get installed. After getting installed it will leave a desktop shortcut icon and then you can access it from there. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. Download Gmail Backup

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