Download Freeware Softwares For A Specific Purpose With ZeuAPP

We all use different software for different purposes and use, but not all software are free to use. So some times you may need to buy some softwares to use, we would suggest you to not to use pirated softwares as they contain viruses, adware etc which might corrupt or steal your data. These days for every paid software you want to use there is a free alternative program exist which does almost the same as the paid program do with full functionality.

In such a scenario you should better opt for these freeware applications which comes for free and saves your crucial money. But locating the right replacement freeware program could be difficult, Today we will tell you about a cool application which lets you locate the top freeware software and also allows you to download them.

This application is called ZeuAPP contains 76 freeware featured under different categories, all these applications are free and open source – so all of them are safe to use. It has categorized the software collection under 10 different categories Archivers, Audio & Video, Browsers, CD Burners, File Sharing, Games, Graphical editors, IM, Security, Text editors


Not only you will easily find the right freeware programs under different categories, you can download these program directly without visiting any webpage directly with this application or optionally visit the software website.

Once you click the download button under the application and description you will be able to directly download the program to your computer, as shown in the image below.


In Short – This cool application allows you to pick software that you want, start download and install it.

Download ZeuAPP

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