Downgrade iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS From 3.1 To 3.0 Firmware

For all those who are running iPhone 2G, 3G or 3GS with 3.0 firmware should not upgrade to the latest 3.1 firmware released recently, as if you do you might end up pushing you in great trouble as you wont be able to unlock and jailbreak it. Upgrading to 3.1 firmware will cause your baseband to be upgraded to 5.11.04 BB which is not down gradable.

But you can still degrade the firmware, however the firmware will be changed but the baseband will remain the baseband will remain the same, so till then iphone dev team releases the Pwnage Tool to jailbreak and unlock 3.1 firmware better degrade to 3.0 firmware

Follow the procedure below to downgrade iphone 2G, 3G, 3GS to 3.0 firmware after accidental upgrade to 3.1

1. Make sure you have iTunes 8.2 installed – Here is the Direct Link To download and install it.

2. Download iPhone 3.0 Firmware

3. Download RedSn0w 0.8

RedsnOw 0.8 for Windows | RedsnOw 0.8 for Mac | RedsnOw 0.8 for Linux

4. Connect your iphone in DFU Recovery mode

5. Make sure that your iphone is connected to your computer via USB Cable 

6. Turn iPhone off, by Hold power /sleep and home button together for 10 seconds until it powers off   

7. Now after 10 seconds release the power button but keep holding the home button as a USB device is recognized in iTunes.

8. when you see the connect to iTunes on your iphone to confirm you are in Recovery Mode.

9. Now press Shift+Restore button [ windows ] and Option+Restore in iTunes [ Mac OS ], now locate the firmware you have downloaded in step 2


For iPhone 2G and 3G

Simply launch RedSn0w and do the Jailbreaking

For iPhone 3GS

Wait for the Pwnage tool to be released for then you can restore and jailbreak, or refer this guide

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for any damage on your device after following this process above,  use it at your own risk. however the above process has been tested and found working

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  1. MarkB says

    I have managed to downgrade both firmware and baseband after an unintentional upgrade to 3.1 on a 2G iPhone.

    This was done using windows xp, iTunes v7.6.2.9 and ZiPhone v3.0 and firmware 1.1.4

    1. connected iPhone to computer in DFU mode iTunes will recognise it and ask you to restore (in normal mode iTunes will report iPhone is incompatible and to upgrade to 8.2, ignore this)
    2. press shift whilst clicking restore and browse for your 1.1.4 firmware files
    3. restore will eventually fail with 1015 error (baseband and firmware mismatch)
    4. start ZiPhone and select Restart in Normal Mode
    5. select Downgrade BootLoader
    6. select JailBreak / Activate / Unlock SIM-Lock

    Job done, iPhone now working again.

  2. Tyson says

    Hi MarkB,

    how can you restore your iphone in Itunes 7. there are no restore button in there. I upgraded my iphone in 3.1 now I couldn’t use my phone anymore. I read your post and try to follow but got stuck on the restore part. Do you mind to show me or anyone who got lock phones? Thanks

  3. Arthur says

    “there is a problem with this windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run” when i try istalled aperr this :/

  4. candy says

    i downloaded itunes 9.0, backed it up and upgraded firmware from 2.2.1 to 3.1 and now its stuck. tried to jailbreak and unlock with redsnow but it doesnt work.

    is this workable on itunes 9.0?

    do i have to uninstall itunes 9.0 and download version 8.2 instead? how do i get back my backed up information? or is that lost when i uninstall itunes?

    please help!!

    thank you very much!

  5. marcus says

    i located the firmware in step 9. “iphone cannot be restored because firmware is not compatible” help

  6. marcus says

    step 9 results in iphone could not be restored because firmware is not compatible. using itunes 9 3g phone. could not downgrade itunes to 8.2 because error with qtc

  7. YUNUSH says

    these steps are a life saver. I accidentally upgraded 2G to 3.1 update and the phone completely topped working except in Emergency mode. Following the above steps, I was able to downgrade to 3.0 but all my apps and contacts were gone; having a working phone back was more important even if it meant loosing my apps and contacts!

  8. jackburton09 says

    so lemme tell you. I kept trying and I got.

    I took my iphone 3g 2.2 and I upgraded to 3.1 without reading that there was gonna be a difficult time downgrading. That sucked for 4 days while I researched and tried various options. Saurik got most of it but he is addressing the 3gs. I kinda had to combine some stuff so I am gonna help you here and you can see if you had this problem.



    First step is to get yourself a copy of 3.0 firmware. Lots of links out there. It is gonna read something like iPhone 1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore. You are looking for some apple firmware not any kind of custom stuff at this point.

    Now you are gonna hook your iphone up to the usb cable and connect it to your computer(windows). If you have a mac and are having problems then you suck and it wouldn’t matter I can not help you.

    Dfu mode is pretty important so lets make sure you get there. I am gonna give you the exact step that got me there and it is not gonna be what you have seen or heard. That is gonna mean that there is an optional way so please don’t sweat this detail.

    Now push on the power and home button at the same time and count to somewhere between 6- 10 seconds. I chose 8 to be compensate for my timing.

    Let go of the power button but keep the home button held down and wait…….The computer will make its typical detect sound and itunes will notice and want to restore. You should be using 9.0 if you are at my house. You will hold shift and the click on restore. Then you are gonna browse for the firmware you just downloaded. If you didn’t download the right software then you will get a not the right type sorta error. The 1,2 is for the 3g. I think 2,2 is for 3gs. You get the picture. Download the stuff from a slow free server if you have to. The slow download speed is part of the cheap you gotta have it for free price you pay. I did.
    Itunes is gonna do its stuff and then you are probably gonna get the error that I got. 1015. That only sucks a little. You are about 1 hour away from being finished. Do not touch the iphone. Go ahead and press shift and click restore to do the whole process over again. Make sure you have some good music playing or maybe watch a porn .
    When it is done you are gonna get the same code 1015. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea but I heard it might have something to do with the baseband.

    Now you are gonna do this one more time. This time you need to have ‘party in the usa’ playing by miley cyrus. It helps to drink beer and not be 38 years old but I don’t make the rules. Anyway, you are gonna get the same code 1015. Almost done.

    Now go ahead and start redsn0w. It isn’t gonna like miley so it will kill itunes if you haven’t done it yet. Choose the same 3.0 firmware to jailbreak and you should be ok. If you are like me you will not have any cell phone. Not a problem.

    Why? Because you will download a 3.1 CUSTOM firmware. They are out there. Unactivated if you are me because you are on att. I don’t understand that either. It seems counterintuitive to me but that is the way it goes. I had to download it in parts. Totally unnecessary but I had to and then I got winzip to combine them.

    If you hook your iphone up to itunes now you can do the same press shift and restore and pick your newly downloaded 3.1 custom firmware. Since you are jailbroken with 3.0 itunes will load your jailbroken 3.1.

    thats how you do it with windows vista.

    Hope this helps.

  9. nelo says

    i’ve followed all u r steps and i get stuck on redsn0w, ” installing activation bundles”. any idea about i can sort it out ?

  10. jon says

    Hey Jack Burton can u help me with this, I’m in your situation, but the end of that is a little confusing

  11. jon says

    Ok, now this problem has happened to me two times. When I get the jailbroken software on my iphone 3g I have no bars/no service for AT&T??

  12. jackburton09 says

    for JON. I also had this problem. I believe you may not be using an unactivated 3.1 custom firmware. If so you need to find a new source. If you are just using the 3.0 jailbreak and not upgrading to the 3.1 then that is the reason. 3.0 downgrade did not work for me after I had upgraded to 3.1 from apple. The baseband upgrade is probably the reason.

    for NELO. I am not sure that is a problem. I also seemed to have gotten stuck on the activation bundles installation. It doesn’t seem to want to ever finish. But it did after a long time. And It had jailbroken my phone I verified by seeing cydia on the springboard. However at this point I have no signal so I had to get 3.1 custom and install it.

    I did these steps or some version of them for days. I wasn’t getting dfu mode right sometimes. It can be kinda tricky. Just start all over and remember 3 times with the itunes install 1015 code. Then redsn0w.

    Hope this helps.

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