Doomi is One Of The Best Free Small Lightweight To-Do List For Mac OS, Linus and Windows [Adobe Air Required]

With the advancements in technology, the number of new products, utilities and apps on the web are increasing day by day. If we compare it with earlier times, then we can observe that there are lots of relatively new products and services currently available on the web which can be used by the user and even some of them without any cost. Although, some of them are of very small use but surely a few of these appear to be very worthwhile. Similarly, some of them appear to be quite outstanding, worth more attention and looking into. Adding to this list of more outstanding new services entering the productivity apps market, recently one of the new utility is there which we are going to discuss today.

Doomi is basically a small, easy to use, helpful and a freely available app which acts as “to do list” application offering simple features for its users. It comes with a simple user interface for its users allowing some basic features with ease and simplicity. As already mentioned, Doomi is a simple to do list application offering only basic options of adding and checking tasks as done which may prove helpful for different users in different situations. Although, along with these basic options there are few slightly more advanced features too, however you won’t find there any of the typical features like projects, tags and contexts, thus making it simple and easy to use app.


This application can be downloaded and installed from the link given below. After installing you may observe that this small yet smart app runs with Adobe Air which will install the application and Air together, thus making it easy to use. As already mentioned, due to its simplicity it is a great to-do list as it does exactly what it is designed for and nothing else. While using it, you just simply need to type in what you have to do for the day and a list is generated which can be then referenced.


As already mentioned, once you type in the task, you need to click the clock icon in order to select the hours in the future it is due or you can even create a custom time to be more precise which will tell you the exact timings of the task to be done. Just like any other reminder app, when it is time to be reminded about a task a friendly message box pops up and the user may do that task. After completing your task, you just need to click on the box given next to it on the left side and you may observe that automatically it will be moved to the old tasks list.

Overall, we can say that it is a simple yet a useful utility for its users. So, if you are interested than download it from the link given below and use it for planning your tasks in a better way.

Download Doomi for Windows

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