Do Video Chat Between iPhone, Android Phone With Windows Computer Using Webcam

Now a days there are many video chat clients available in the market. After the launch of Face Time from Apple many different companies have come up with the same type of application as launched by Apple. One such application is Tango. Tango is a multiplatform application available for audio and video chatting. The application is available for Android smartphones, iPhone, iPod, iPodTouch and iPad.If you regularly do Video Calling via Tango on your cellphone and you wish there was way to use it on your computer or laptop. Then your wish has come true today I have got a Tango Desktop client.

You can install this client on your laptop or desktop. Using this desktop client you will be able to make unlimited audio and video calls to Tango Contacts via both wired and wireless networks. For now Tango is available only for Windows operating system but soon it will also be available for other operating systems. The interface offered to you by Tango for the desktop version is very similar to iOS which give you the feeling that you are using it on your i phone rather than on your desktop. There is an option to allow you to switch between iPhone and Windows UI design from the settings available in the application.

Tango 1

This is the first screen which will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software has four main options i.e. Add Contacts, Recents, Invite and Settings. the first option which is the Contacts tab will show you all the contacts that you have added so in Tango after registering. I don’t have any contact because I have just registered. The application is very useful, smart and simple to use. The plus sign on the top right hand corner of the Add Contacts window will take you to the Invite window on clicking that window.

Tango 2

Recents is the second option in the tool, this option will show you the full call list including the missed calls . The option has a clear button to clear all the send and received calls.

Tango 3

The third option is Invite you can search and invite your friends to join Tango. Searching of friends can be done in two ways first can be done using the country code and the mobile number and second can be done using the email address.

Tango 4

The final option is the Settings option. This Settings panel contains options like Sound, Run on Startup, Audio/Camera, Sort, Display order, Tips and Skin.

Download Tango.

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