Do Real Time Search In Gmail Mails and Contacts

Today we will be sharing an add-on for Mozilla and Internet Chrome browsers, which has been developed for Gmail accounts. This add-on will help you to search the contacts and mails faster as compared to the normal search facility available in the mail accounts and this add-on is knows as Cloud Magic. You will not have to click the search button in this case as while you type, the best matching results in the case of Contacts and mails will be displayed, and it is available on the right hand side of the Gmail account.

I will explain you the whole procedure of adding and using this add-on. So, all the required steps related to this topics has been mentioned below in the points:

  • Go to the link which has been provided at the bottom of the post and then choose the option to install as highlighted in the browser.


  • Now, the browser will be automatically detected and then a window will appear at the bottom of the browser window. Select the option ‘Allow’ and then the installation will start automatically.


  • Now open your Gmail account. Your account will be similar to the one shown in the snapshot below. But before start using it you will have to add the account into this add-on.


  • The page where you will be adding an account will appear similar to the one shown in the snapshot below.



  • Now while adding the account you will have to enter the email ID and password in that tool as they have been shown below in the snapshot.


  • After adding the account, a tool box will appear on left hand side and from there when you want to search any mail or any contact then just type that name in that search box and then all the related mails and contacts will be present in the window below.


This tool is very simple to use and this add-on has been developed only for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (for some of the selected versions). The download size of this depends upon the browser for which you are downloading, as for Google Chrome it is 2 Mb and for Mozilla Firefox it is 1.8 Mb. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. I am sure that you will like this tool.

Download Cloud Magic

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