Do Not Show Facebook Updates and Wall Post To Specific Friends

Facebook seems to be great social network but on the other hand it could turn out to be a privacy breach if you don’t configure your privacy options in facebook properly. We had recently talked about how to get notified when your facebook account gets hacked.

Today we will tell you how to hide your facebook wall updates from certain facebook friends, follow the procedure below to know more.

1. Login to your facebook and navigate to facebook privacy settings.


2. Under Privacy Settings – Click Personal Information and Posts


3. Under Personal Information and Posts – Locate the settings which says Posts by Me – click box which says everyone and select customize


4. Now Enter the names of those facebook friends from which you would like to hide your facebook wall updates.


Once you have added those friends whom you don’t want to see your updates then click Save settings. We hope you like this simple facebook tip to protect your privacy, you can read more facebook tips we have written before here on this blog.


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