Do Mouse Click Without Actually Clicking Using sAuto-Clicker In Windows

Today I have got an application named sAuto-Clicker which will allow you to make the left, right and middle buttons clicks without actually clicking the buttons. You can use the Start Clicking button or the Hotkeys to start. Using this software you can stop clicking the mouse. The application also contains a mouse clicking test where you can test whether your mouse click work or not.

The application is a freeware which generates mouse clicks automatically. The application can simulate both single click as well as double click i.e. left click or right click or a combination of left and right click. The application can make a click as soon as move the mouse cursor to the place where it has to be made. The UI of the application is very simple and easy to understand for everyone. You can also set the click interval between the subsequent clicks so that we can move the mouse to a particular location. The application will allow you set a very long time interval so that you can open a program at any given point in the future when you are not operating your system and when you want a particular program to run.


This is the first window that will open when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The software doesn’t require installation and will run directly from the exe file which you will get after extracting the ZIP file. The software has a button which says Start Clicking which is used to replace the either of the three selected mouse buttons i.e. Left Click, Right Click and Right Click. The window also has three mouse button options which can be selected using the radio button i.e. Left Click, Right Click and Right Click. There are two hot keys which can also be used to start and stop clicking. F10 is used to Start Clicking and F11 is used to Stop Clicking. There is also an Interval text box in which we can put any number of any length with two arrows pointing up and down to increase and decrease the value that you have entered in the text box. The interval text box can be very useful to you a you can specify the exact interval after which anything should run on your system. The interval can be in seconds, minutes, hours and even days. There is also a button on the right hand corner of the window known as Clicking Test.


When you will click on the Clicking Test Window the above window will open and you can click in this window to test your mouse clicks.

Download sAuto-Clicker.

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