Do Gtalk Video Chat On Android Phones

Now when 3G and 4G is getting popular in the world, most of us want to go for video chatting, as video chatting is only applicable for high speed internet. So, Google stepped forward for another application which will help the users for video or voice chatting over their phones. Video chatting is one of the best ways of communication which is in demand these days and all that became possible due to high speed internet available on our phone. In this post we will talk more about this application.



Now with this new application you will be able to have video and voice chat on your phone. You will be able to see the chat list as shown above in the screenshot, in this chat list you can see the video chat highlighted in the screenshot, when you will click this button you will be directed to another screen as mentioned in the second screenshot below it. You can then chat with any of your friends like this.

Now you may ask me a question that what has happened to the text? If you want to share a link with you friend or if you also want to share some text with your friend then what will you do? The answer you can also type and then send that text while having a video chat with your friend, you text will be overlaid over the video chat screen. This application is really cool and once you get to see the video mentioned below, you will surely love this application. I have always loves Android a lot and now I am falling deeper and deeper in love with this fabulous mobile OS. I am sure that all the Android phone lovers or owners will love this application.

Google Chat with Video Chat option for Android Phones

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