Do +1 From Any Internet Browser For Websites Pages Which Does Not Have +1 Buttons Or Any Webpage

Google has recently announced the +1 buttons available for webmasters so that they can put the script in their websites and add the plus one button on their websites so that people can click plus one directly from the website page or from a blog post which they like and would like to share it with their friends. For any page or google search results you click +1 you will see your google profile photo, Your photo with text you shared this will be shown under the pages you liked with +1 in google search results as shown in the image below.

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We have already posted our guide on how to implement or add +1 button to some or all the pages of your static or dynamic website or on wordpress blogs or any other platform based website. But when the question comes to your mind on how to +1 a page for those website which have not added the +1 button then you can try the following methods given below.

Method 1:

In case you want to plus one a page, you can easily do it if you are using google chrome browser for which there is an extension which helps you +1 a page. This new addon is called +1 Plus One Extension which lets you +1 any web page. Just simple as in two clicks.

Once you have installed this extension, to +1 a page open it in google chrome and then click the toolbar icon of this extension and then click +1 button to plus one the page.

 1 a page

Method 2:

Just in case if you are not using google chrome and using some other browser like internet explorer, firefox, maxathon etc you can use a simple following bookmarklet to easily +1 any web page on the Internet. As it is a bookmarklet so it will work across all the web browsers and all the website pages as well

Google +1 Bookmarklet – Google +1 [ Just Drag and Drop On Browser Toolbar In Your Preferred Browser ]

Please note that in order to +1 page you need to have a google profile for your google account, and all these links you +1 like will be publically shared among your friends on google buzz and connected to your google profile.

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