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As in one of my previous reviews related to ‘Changing DNS server’ I have already mentioned about the need of change in DNS server. The more features are present in the tool, the more it is useful to us. So, everytime we add these tools with some upgraded features. The tool which I will be reviewing today will help you to make a very convenient and and efficient decision regarding changing your DNS server even if you do not have information regarding them and the name of this freeware is DNS Jumper.

Now, if you try to recall then a tool with similar name has already been reviewed but this is the latest version of that tool. We have also reviewed some other tools like ‘Google DNS Helper’ and ‘DNS Jumper’ where in we mentioned the different ways to select a DNS server with in the domain available for that tool. But this tool has the largest domain of DNS server, so obviously your selection will be the best. All the other features will be mentioned in the review.


After launching this tool, you will have to select the network interfacing card from your laptop, then you can choose the best DNS server for your connection by clicking the Fastest DNS option. This option will check all the 32 DNS server present in its domain and then after finding the fastest one, it will notify you. But if you want to change you DNS server to a particular server selected by you, then you can choose the manual option present in the scroll down option. You can check the response time of both the addresses for the selected DNS server by the option written below the DNS server or you can check the whole DNS server setting by pressing an icon placed in between the settings of DNS server.

If you want to revert back to to previous settings at any time, then just select the restore option from the same menu. If any DNS server is of no use to you, then you can delete it from the scroll down menu or if you remember about a certain DNS server then  It is a multi-lingual tool which can be used in different languages like German, Chinese, Swedish, French and many more.

The zipped size of this tool is around 500 Kb and this tool is portable. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download DNS Jumper v1.0.4

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