DéjàClick – Open More Than One Website With Single Bookmark In Firefox – Play The Recorded Actions In Firefox

DéjàClick is a cool firefox add on which acts some what like the iMacros extension for firefox, but it is actually more easy to configure and run, you can recorded the daily activity you do when you open firefox. There could be specific sets of websites which you always open at firefox start.


In order to get started install firefox and do your daily activity of opening the default set of websites and hit the record button at the DéjàClick toolbar and hit the stop button when you are done with all the actions you want to record. It will record everything what you did, including the username and password you had filled in the boxes.

Here is how the configurations options of DéjàClick looks like ( as shown in the image below )


Next time you open firefox, you can simply hit the play button which is created as a super bookmark which lets you open all the sites you opened and all the actions you did.

Download DéjàClick

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