Display Webpage With Active Click able Links As Wallpaper In Windows

There was a time when people used to change the wallpapers of their computer screen just for fun and entertainment. Nowadays, also there are many who are very passionate about having a nice collection of Wallpapers and they change it very frequently. But, today we are going to discuss a new and very innovative way of having wallpapers on your system which you will definitely like. Especially those, who like to change their wallpapers and want a regular improvement in their computer and technology will definitely like this.

WallpaperWebPage is basically a small, easy to use, and a freely available tool which has been developed for fun and entertainment purpose as it loads any webpage of your choice as a Windows desktop background or wallpaper. Although, we all know that along with Windows 7 we get a feature named as Active Desktop which is very similar to this concept, but still this utility makes it pretty simple for the user and brings in lot more features.


This utility can be easily downloaded from the link given below. After launching it, you may observe that it allows you to add any webpage of your choice as wallpaper by simply providing the URL for that particular webpage. If we look into the working of this utility then we may observe that the web page when loaded as wallpaper stays behind all other open windows and the task bar but still remains interactive and hence looks really good for the users.

It thus provides two functionalities for the user, by which we mean that a user is free to browse for the links in webpage in the same manner as he does in a Web browser and on the same time user can even access desktop icons and personalization settings by clicking on ‘Show desktop’ button of the Windows desktop. As already mentioned that the program comes with an auto-start toggle function and a URL configuration field wherein you can enter the desired address.


As shown in the snapshot, you may see a URL configuration field, where you need to enter the address of the webpage to be loaded. After providing the address of the webpage, you just need to click on ‘OK’, and rest will be taken care by the utility itself. In this way, you may see that the desired webpage automatically gets loaded as desktop background, keeping itself behind all other windows and taskbar as already mentioned. After loading the desired webpage as wallpaper, you will be able to click on the links, scroll, browse and navigate elsewhere from it in a normal way, and that without even opening your computer’s browser.

So, overall it is a nice fun utility which you may try by just downloading it from the link given below.

Download WallpaperWebPage

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