Display Program, Folder Name As Text In Windows 7 Taskbar

You might have notice that sometimes when you open too many applications in your system having windows 7, such as many word files, PDF files and many windows of the browsers, then in Windows 7 their titles are not displayed when they are minimized to task bar. Hence, it is not at all easy to find and recognize which word file or which PDF file to open again and continue working. This is because in Windows 7, the labels present on the taskbar icons are always hidden by default. Although, this particular feature along with the ability to group icons as you may have observe, is basically designed in order to allow more and more program icons to remain pinned or minimized in the taskbar. The labels also provide the facility of displaying all the real time updates on the taskbar such as title of the playing song in music players, download progress etc. But in this process one of the disadvantages that is there is whenever more than one window of an application is open, such as two or three browser window or explorer window, it requires more clicks to select and open the program.


So, what if you want to see the labels for all the opened windows? Yes, of course there is one of the methods with the Windows 7 which shows the labels and that can be done by right clicking on any of the clear part of the taskbar and from their just select the Properties and then choose Combine when taskbar is full. It will show all the labels but will also combine the buttons of the same type when the taskbar is full. But, as we can see this looks like a tedious task and a bit difficult exercise, since in order to go back to the previous state, some more steps has to be carried on. For this, we recommend you one small utility which can do this job for you and that too in very quick time.


Taskbar Labels is basically a small and a portable application which can make this job very easy for you. In order to make use of this utility, simply download it from the below given link and after downloading just unzip the contents of the zip file which has been downloaded in any of the folder of your choice and then simply click on the executable to simply launch it as there is no need to download it. You may also use the keyboard shortcut in order to display or hide the taskbar icons labels and by default this shortcut is Ctrl + F11, and it can also be changed if required by the user by simply right clicking the icon of Taskbar Labels from the System Tray. So, in order to try it out, you may simply download it from the link given below.

Download Taskbar Labels


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