Discover, Access and Apply Hidden Windows 7 Themes and Wallpapers

Windows 7 has some great themes and wallpapers with which you can optimise the look and feel of windows 7 to a great extent. You can personalise windows 7 looks by right clicking in the empty area of the desktop and click personalise.


But based on the language you had specified while installing windows 7, there are large number of regional themes which contain some beautiful windows 7 background wallpapers and themes from other English-speaking countries – Australia, Canada, Great Britain and South Africa. Normally, you can’t access those backgrounds or themes, but there is a simple way you can access all these hidden content in windows 7.

1. Open Windows 7 start menu, copy and paste the following path in search box and press Enter key on the keyboard.


2. This will open up the directory containing all the hidden windows 7 themes and wallpapers.


Apply Windows 7 Hidden Themes

In order to apply any hidden themes you found in this folder open the theme folder.

For example, C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT\MCT-AU\Theme. Double-click the theme you see there.

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