Disconnect, Unlink Orkut From Facebook

Facebook recently rolled out new feature which allows you post updates from facebook to orkut automatically, we had also posted the tutorial to link orkut to facebook, but some how all the users who connect to orkut with facebook are not happy, some of people are more annoyed and would like to unlink orkut and facebook.

After going through all the configuration options on facebook, we could not find any option which allows to revert back and unlink orkut from facebook. But after some hit and trail, we go to know about the direct page link from where you can unlink you orkut account from facebook profile.

Follow the procedure to know how to disconnect

1. Go to facebook.com and login to your account

2. Click this link , it will open a page on facebook – if your orkut account is linked to facebook you will the following message on this page with a link to unlink from Orkut as shown in the image below.

10-23-2010 2-42-18 AM

3. Click the link Unlink from orkut, and instantly your orkut account will be disconnect from your facebook profile. 

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