Disable Windows To Run Commands In Autorun.inf Files with mbm Autorun Disabler

mbm Autorun Disabler is a free to use program which let you configure windows not run any commands which are there in the autorun files in the device like USB portable devices which you connect to your computer. we had written some related tips like disable autorun and autoplay, Delete Autorun.inf Files From USB Drives, how to Protect your computer from pen drive autorun.inf viruses, Delete / Remove Autorun.inf and Remove autorun.inf with Autorun Eater.


With this simple utlity you can disable the autorun entirely, however autoplay will keep enabled but widows will not the malicious code inside the autorun file in your USB pen drive or those autorun files in the root drive

You will need to restart windows for the changes to take into effect, so with you can simply disable autorun with a single mouse click, when ever you want autorun to be enabled for any reason you can launch the

Download Autorun Disabler

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