Disable, Turn Off or Remove Aero Peek or Show Desktop In Windows 7

Aero Peek is a new feature introduced with windows 7 , we have written several tips on how to speed up slow aero peek and how to remove show desktop button on windows 7 taskbar. But it could be annoying feature for some people who don’t use or like this feature.


Today we will you how to disable or turn off aero peek in windows 7

Following are some methods to disable aero peek

Method 1 – Disable Desktop Aero Peek

1. Right click on the ORB start menu button in windows 7 and then select properties

2. Now Click the taskbar tab and uncheck the checkbox which says use aero peek to preview the desktop as shown in the image below.


3. Once you uncheck the option, click apply and press ok button – that’s it aero peek in disabled.

Method 2 – System Wide Aero Peek Disable

Just in case you want to disable aero peek everywhere in windows 7, open control panel and search for System click it and then click Advanced System Properties in the left pane.


Now click Advanced Tab and then click Click Settings button under Performance section


uncheck enable aero peek and click apply and then ok button


We hope above ways helped you to disable aero peek, if you have a different type of problem with aero peek and could not solve with this problem, then please let us know your issue with aero peek through comments we would love to help.


  1. Sean says

    Very unhelpful thank you very much.
    I’ve been on several websites and it’s always the same thing.
    You say to uncheck “use aero peek to preview desktop”
    But what about if the item is greyed out so I can’t uncheck it?
    That is what I’m looking for.

  2. Arielle says

    I did what you instructed. It wasn’t greyed out, I could uncheck it, but it still didn’t work.

  3. says

    It did not work for me either. I edited the tool bar settings and the advanced system settings. I restarted the computer and it’s still there ..a grey rectangle in the far right hand side of the tool bar that says “show desktop” when you hover over it. How do we remove it from the registry? where can it be found?

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