Disable Touchpad Automatically While Typing On Your Laptop With TouchFreeze [ Windows Only ]

If you spend a good amount of time while typing on your keyboard of your laptop as per your profession or need, then it might happen to you when you accidently move your hand over the laptop touch pad which moves your cursor to some else, which might distort what you were typing. This happens with me so many times on my hp tablet tx1000 notebook when I accidently distort the typed content as my hand keeps moving on the touchpad.

Yesterday, I found a free utility called TouchFreeze which is a free program works on windows XP, NT, 2000, Vista and Windows 7 too. It automatically detect when you type and disables the touchpad while you type.


There is nothing to configure in this small program just run it, you are ready to type on your laptop keyboard without worrying about your touchpad as it get disabled automatically when you type and will get enabled when you stop typing. It will load automatically on system startup so you don’t need worry about running the program every time you start windows.

It takes up only small amount of memory which is less than 1 MB, this program is really of good use if you have a problem in typing due to touchpad accidental touch.

Download TouchFreeze  

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