Disable, Stop Priority Markers To Display In Gmail Inbox

With the launch of priority inbox you might have noticed yellow colored labels before the subject of the mail, In case you don’t want to see these small yellow labels with mails in your inbox you can easily hide them or stop them from displaying in your gmail inbox.

Follow the procedure below to disable markers in gmail inbox from showing up.

1. Login to your gmail account, and go to gmail account settings

12-21-2010 10-26-01 PM

2. Under settings, click priority inbox and locate the section which says Importance markers:

12-21-2010 11-54-14 PM

3.Select the radio box which says No markers  and then click Save changes button to stop showing markers on mails in your gmail inbox

12-21-2010 11-56-47 PM

This is how you can permanently remove markers from your gmail mailbox and still keep using priority inbox feature in gmail. 

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