Disable, Remove SlideScreen As Default Home Screen On Android Phone

SlideScreen is a home screen released for android phones, I just installed it on my nexus one. It opened a stream of information for me as it allowed me to add my twitter account, facebook account, google reader account etc and it displays notifications and activity around all these services on my home screen itself.

You can download the free version of slidescreen for your android phone from the android market, however it will display a small advertisement banner at the bottom as shown below.


Once you install it you will get the option of selecting the home screen launcher app as shown in the image below.


Once you set it as default home screen launcher, then it might difficult to find the options how to remove it. Follow the procedure below to know how to remove slidescreen as default home screen launcher.

Double tap the menu soft key and then go to phone settings  >> applications settings


Now tap manage applications and locate slidescreen – scroll downwards


Tap Slidescreen and then scroll down and locate the button clear defaults and this way you can remove slidescreen to act as default home screen launcher as shown in the image below.


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  1. Frank Lynn Roosevelt says

    Sorry, but this method is no longer applicable.

    Now, the SlideScreen entry under ‘Manage Applications’ does not always offer a “Clear Defaults” button…not an active one, anyway. Perhaps SlideScreen has changed how it handles System Settings or maybe this varies by Android iteration. On my Droid X (running v2.2.1; ‘Froyo’), that option is greyed out.

    Frankly, I tried multiple methods to disable SlideScreen but none was successful.

    However, rather than simply un-install the app I discovered that the newest version – currently in beta as v2b3 – incorporates a new feature: it allows you to set up the phone’s Home button so that it _toggles_ between SlideScreen and any other Launcher you like…including the factory one.

    It’s a neat trick and works very well, so far. Hope this info helps.

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