Disable Or Remove All Default Games In Windows 7

Windows 7 default games are not that bad, but there could be different reasons for any one to disable or remove them for example you may not want your kids to kids to waste time on computers due to these games or you may not want your employees at your office to keep playing these games and kill precious office time.

Here is how you can disable the default games which comes preloaded with windows 7

1. Open Windows 7 Start Menu >> Programs and Features


2. Now click the link in the left tab in under programs and features which says Turn Windows Features On or Off


3. Scroll up in the newly opened small sized window which displays the currents features in windows which are on or off to find Games


4. Uncheck specific games you want to remove or uncheck the Games check box to remove all the games and then click OK button, it will now show you the small progress window which make changes as per your selection done.


5. Above window will close automatically once all the changes has been applied and that’s it done – all games removed :)

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