Disable Laptop Trackpad, Finger Touch During Typing On Key Press Event

Now-a days, the number of people are shifting to laptop from their desktop because of its various advantages over desktop. One of them is portability and many more. But most of them including me who do a lot of typing work face a common problem while typing something on it.

Problem: While we are typing a text on our laptop then sometimes our thumb brushes the touchpad which leads to change the position of the cursor in our document and we have to start typing again which is really very irritating. But we can’t help it.

There is one way by which we can avoid this problem is by disabling the touchpad by the provided option (above the touchpad of laptop) but doing this will not help because then we have to do everything using keyboard only. We always have to enable and disable this option while we are typing and also in between the typing, our touchpad will not work which will lead to further discomfort.

There is also an option of using a small utility called Touchpad Pal which will automatically disable the touchpad when we are typing text.

It is a smart and compact application which is fully compatible with Windows vista, xp and 7.

It will take few minutes for installing the application and when installed, it will appear as an icon in the notification area. The main window will appear like this.


When you will right click on the icon, it will show 3 options.


The ‘Show/Hide’ option will let you see the main window shown above.

Since, it is a trial version so, it is a freeware for only 30 days. After that if you wish to continue to use the software, you must purchase a license. So, when you will purchase the license you will get a registered key which you can put by clicking the option ‘Enter the key’.


Since, it is a tiny application but solves a big problem so, you should at least give it a try and check yourself how much it is worth for and let me know your views.

Download TouchpadPal 1.1

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